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4 Quotes to Keep You Motivated

We all have phases we go through, phases of feeling overwhelmed, bogged down and almost hopeless because we may feel a little lost. You are not alone, this is a very normal feeling when things don’t happen to go your way. When you are in this state of mind, it’s hard to see outside this circle of negativity and self-doubt. As we mentioned before, we are our own worst enemies. At some stage, we all go off-track for a little while- it could be a day, it could be a few months.

The hardest part is reminding ourselves of our capabilities, that we ARE worthy, and we CAN achieve anything we put our mind to. It takes a few small reminders to get you on the right track once more, to feel encouraged and worthy to do or become something or someone.

I’ve picked out 4 simple quotes that prompt me back to my dreams and hopes, and I hope you can take something valuable from them and interpret them to suit your stage & situation in life!

  1. “What’s for You Won’t Pass You By”

When something doesn’t go your way, it’s so easy to blame ourselves. This quote is so important because it can avoid you getting into the bottomless pit of insecurities. If something did not work out the way you thought it would- it’s because it wasn’t meant to be. I’m a believer that there is a path for us all built & ready to be walked on – we just have to find it. To keep me positive & remind myself of my faith, I remember that whatever is meant for me, won’t pass me. This keeps me motivated to keep searching for my destiny until I have succeeded!

  1. “This Too Shall Pass”

It may sound blasé, been thrown around everywhere and taken out of context but this quote keeps me sane. This phrase reminds me that no matter how bad you’re feeling or how hard times are, it will pass, and you will make it to the other side. Take it and relate it to your own situation – it could be that you’re unemployed, feeling hopeless or it could be that you’re experiencing heart break and you feel like you’ll never be whole again. I can promise you that this WILL pass, and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Allow yourself to be upset but know that you’re not going to feel this way forever and things will get better.

  1. “Success is ignoring your fears”

This quote was taken from a video BYOS filmed on inspiring & successful women. Bernice de Neve quoted this in our short film & I haven’t been able to get it out of my head since. We live comfortable lives, we have a routine in our society- sit the leaving cert, finish college, get a real job. Living the norm. I don’t know my path, nor do I know how to achieve It, but this quote allows me to take every opportunity that is thrown at me, no matter how much I think it’s not possible or that I will fail. These are fears that consume us and for a lot of us, we let our fears win- because we settle for ‘the norm’. This quote reminds me to get out of my comfort zone- you never learn anything new there anyway. Next time someone asks you to do something that scares you, be alert of your doubts and remember that they are just thoughts that we must avoid to ultimately allow us to grow and become a successful little butterfly!

  1. “Someone is living your dreams”

I thought of this concept on my own, to remind me to stay focused and determined to get to where I want to be. Even in the depths of uncertainty of what your dream is, or how you are going to achieve it, when you feel so alone – note that the person living how you want to live ( I always imagine them to be on the exact opposite side of the world to me) has been through what you are going through and they have made it! I think of this quote when I’ve fallen off the track, I’m lost, and I don’t feel like doing anything. To get me motivated I almost become a little jealous of that person who has what I want – I could be imagining me on the other side of world- knowing that I could be there gets me out of my funk and driven to achieve my goals!

And finally… your Success bar! 

Although it’s not a quote, the success bar acts as a motivator. The beauty of the success bar is that it doesn’t judge, you may be thinking.. of course it doesnt, it’s a physical object, when in fact, it’s SO MUCH MORE! The bar of strength is there to support you and boost your confidence. It will always acknowledge your accomplishments and never judge you for your mistakes, it would rather focus on the positive aspects than the negative, making it a spiritual journey filled with positive vibes and further determination. It can be a friend in need when you are feeling low, to remind yourself that you can get back up when you just feel like drowning. The bar of Success is your mind, it brings positivity that you hold and sometimes lack and places it in the bar. Anytime you look or feel your bar, you are reminded!

These quotes have become my mantra, I use them to give me hope, drive me and they ultimately help me achieve my goals- no matter how big or small they may be. Take these phrases, apply them to your mindset and let the magic happen. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s easy to be hard on yourself, and that’s needed too but you need hope & faith to allow you to pursue your dreams. Every successful person out there started with a dream, they had their own motivators, what’s yours?

Let us know if you enjoyed this blogpost & you have felt somewhat inspired, motivated, encouraged! We love hearing back from our readers, especially if we have given you a little booster- it’s what we’re here for!

Ingrid X


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