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Being Your Own Success

Success means various things to various people but its common denominator is the idea of accomplishment. Whether it’s academic, entrepreneurial, professional, familial or personal milestones, achieving goals is a universal feeling of elation. For women, it is that much more important. In several countries around the world right now there are women still not allowed to drive, attend school, own property or even work, it means so much more that we not only appreciate our freedoms but advocate for the freedoms of all women.

My earliest example of true success was my mother. Two hardworking parents raised me, but it was my mother’s transition that truly inspires me. As a child, watching her transition successfully from a stay-at-home mum and academic into the workforce and dominating it made me believe I could achieve anything. She takes pride in her accomplishments, defying gender stereotypes and ageism in a country like Nigeria with mostly narrow-minded views. But it was more than her professional success that inspired me, it was the way she lead her life. She is the most innovative and strong willed person I know and made sure to raise my sister and I with the full understanding that our opinions were as important and as relevant as our brothers. It was a priority for her to instil in us the importance of self worth and independence. I didn’t really notice these traits until I got into college, made new friends and got my heart broken for the first time. These may sound trivial, but new adventures test your foundations. No matter what was thrown at me, I still remained myself. Yes, at certain points I was under-confident and battled with depression but I also became more tolerant and patient. With all the additions and takeaways, I still remained my oddly opinionated, music & culture buffing self whose motto was “to try to do the kindest thing in every situation”.

My idea of success slightly changed towards the end of my undergraduate degree. Graduation day for me was as exciting as going to the shops. I was much more excited about dinner than I was about the fact that I had completed a Law Degree. However, the decision to pursue a post grad in Creative Writing was the beginning of my reorientation. Moving from the legal field into the artistic wasn’t smooth sailing, but six months into the course I tasted true success for the first time. I wrote a short story that changed my life. I knew it was a breakthrough while I was writing it, and the glowing feedback gave me confirmation. It was less about the course or that story in particular, but about the sheer joy of doing what I truly loved without any compromise. And here I am, still doing and loving it.

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That is the beauty this brand exudes. Melissa Curry has built it with the pillars of strength, belief, opportunity, happiness and love. Celebrating the belief that compassion and encouragement are the foundation of any strong community. Its passion to create awareness for the financial security of women across the world is inspiring. The SUCCESS bar is more than a beautiful piece of jewellery; it serves as a statement of the economic and societal empowerment of women. I believe it is an important statement to be made and enforced. Women valuing themselves and their worth will in turn encourage them value their ideas and talents. Whether it is in art or business, pursuing a profession, academia or staying home to raise your family, women should know that they have choices and the ability to do more than is expected of them.

It may seem like we are a far cry from our goal as a community but fear not, this is the year of the woman. We are seeing change around the world with women of all ages, races and economic backgrounds speaking and standing up for their rights. And while they speak up for themselves, they speak up for everyone. For the global empowerment of women to be achieved, we must all play our part in making sure that equality isn’t just a goal we must accomplish for our person but also for the global community of the most popular gender in the world.

It is less about playing a role in every woman’s personal success, but to make sure that we live in a world where every woman has the right to achieve her own personal successes. It is our duty to look out for one another, as the in words of Gloria Steinem: “Any woman who chooses to behave like a full human being should be warned that the armies of status quo will treat her as something of a dirty joke… She will need her sisterhood.”

Kebeh Ofem, writer and wearer of success

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