Success Bangle


This modern and cool bangle is engraved with the word success and is enhanced with the colored enamel on the inside. The comfortable and curved design makes it a perfect everyday wearable for all your lifestyle needs. 

Whether you’re gifting it for yourself or a loved one, this bangle is infused with positive affirmations and it will give you strength when you need it most. Choose your color... 

Yellow symbolizes Happiness for when you feel a little low 

Pink symbolizes Creativity when you feel uninspired

Red symbolizes Victory in times of weakness

Orange symbolizes Energy for when you feel drained 

Green symbolizes Balance for when life gets overwhelming 

Blue symbolizes Focus to keep on the task at hand 

Purple symbolizes Bravery for when you feel anxious

Poursuivez vos rêves au quotidien et visez toujours plus haut.

Persigue tus sueños a diario y apunta siempre a las estrellas.


Material: Sterling Silver 

Size: 66.6 mm x 62 mm


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