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Ingredients for SUCCESS

These days, with so much out there, how you make something and what you make it with really matters. We live in a material world, there is no denying it, but we can choose to make things to last. The BYOS collection embodies that quality: it is built to last. You are what you wear.

I wanted the collection to be pure with clean lines and strong features, but I also wanted it to be delicate and feminine, something to add a positive little sparkle to your life. When choosing the materials for this collection I matched all those years of experience that went into designing each piece with hours of research into what I would make them from. If making the BYOS collection was about representing success, I had to make the pieces out of materials that embodied values the wearer could connect with.

The metals I chose to work with were silver and gold, not only because they have stood the test of time, because they represent so much more than surface value. Silver is the most reflective of all metals, and evokes the feminine energy of the moon. Gold carries the warm energy of the sun; it is a deliciously optimistic metal and speaks to me of compassion, harmony and lasting success. These are often the first metals we gift to ourselves, and with this we open up whole new worlds of possibility.

What I chose next – the gems – had to somehow bridge the material world with the holistic. They had to represent clarity of purpose.

You could say that the pearl is the queen of gems. Pearls are deeply feminine in both quality and touch. They embody the delicacy required in our uniquely feminine ability to balance, and speak to me of inner vision and self-esteem. They conjure an image of someone with her head held high – like the lovely Audrey Hepburn.

In compliment I have used white diamonds, not for their carat weight or perceived material value, but in particular for their spark: you can never dull a diamond. The diamonds in BYOS are there to enhance what is already within you, like the flash of a catalyst. The compressed energy they contain packs a punch – share your sparkle with the world.

Wear it – tag it – gift it!

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