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A word filled with so much meaning of hope, dreams, encouragement and magical thoughts. The official meaning of inspire is: “fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.”

Kind of hits the nail on the head doesn’t it? It’s a word linked to encouragement, motivation and creativity. It’s a form of thinking to get your creative juices flowing and your mind wander to do and reach all your goals.

In one way, there is one meaning to inspire but embedded within this little word lies thousands and endless-countless- dreams and hopes sparked by a short sentence someone said to you last week, or something you read on a banner of a shop window. Inspiration doesn’t have a set time or place as to where it can be found. A trigger of inspiration leads to life-changing and world-changing decisions.

While we’re on the topic of world-changing decisions, inspiring people and how you may be inspired, let’s talk about Inspirefest! The weekend annual event that has been held in massive cities such as Hong Kong, New York and London, are holding the talk-filled event in Dublin this year! What does this mean? Over 40 speakers who achieved their dreams telling you their story and how you can make it happen too! (P.S. It’s definitely more than that, but they are there to inspire you too!)

Held on the 21st & 22nd June in the Bord Gais Energy Theatre, Dublin, the event is scheduled to have speakers from all over the world discussing the future of science, tech, design and arts. What makes this event inspiring is their ability to spark a thought that maybe you had lingering in your head for quite a while but never had the courage to take the leap. They are inspiring because they took that leap and made a difference. Surrounding myself in a theatre filled with creativity, interesting conversations and unexpected ideas sounds like my idea of fun.

If you don’t feel inspired yet, let me tell you- there’s an 11 year old Irish girl speaking who did coding for the EU Parliament. Named as Digital Girl of the year in her age category, she currently owns more awards than I have shoes (it’s the only thing I can legitimately compare to).  Is anyone thinking about what they were doing at 11 years old….? Paradoxically, a young scientist will be giving a talk on working to improve the support and visibility of LGBTQ scientists! The inspiration here radiates from him as we learn to welcome and accept our world today with open arms and solutions for an inclusive population for all! Even more fun- playwright and performer, Hedy, who won countless awards for her acting (again, more than the amount of shoes I own) will be performing on the night!

BYOS are honored to be able to gift those who inspire us with their own Success bracelet to remind them of their accomplishments and the difference they are making in today’s world. Inspirefest is an event made to feel motivated and encouraged while it is a moment of fulfillment and adrenaline for the inspiring speakers. We feel like we need to acknowledge their success and remind them that they’ve done so much for the greater good. Success is worth sharing- from us to you and from you to the rest of us- THANK YOU!

Ingrid X

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