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Let the Magic begin…BYOS

Merry Christmas Lovelies!

Christmas is a time to celebrate and give thanks to those we love and those who are in need of our support. A generous spirit is key to creating your own happiness.

This Christmas BYOS would like to say a big THANK YOU to all who have cheered us on and made this year worthwhile for us, we are growing from strength to strength and it would not have happened without you.

2016 was an exciting year for us. Collaborating with the KISANY project and their new Global GIVE WORK Campaign, developed by The Sisley Foundation. Its mission is to train women to hone their talents to ensure economic independence. Giving work ensures sustainable growth and employment for these women, and as they say themselves, work gives them LIFE, JOY, PRIDE, DIGNITY and FREEDOM…

BYOS became the number ten best-selling jewelry product on Virgin Atlantic in 2016. Each of our rose gold success bracelets was wrapped in a hand embroidered Kisany Pouch, 1 pouch = 1 day of work. Our alliance with Virgin Atlantic ensured 250 days of work for the project alone.

We are starting the New Year with a bang! And we will launch our campaign called #MyIntention2017 and #MySucess2017.  Our intention is to be the world’s most inspiring jewelry brand for women, reinforcing and celebrating women’s true feminine values and reminding them of the importance of being their own success. So we have a lot to do.

Happy Holidays! And remember, this Christmas be kind, be generous, be love, feel the joy, wear your smile, follow your bliss and create your own sunshine.


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