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Magic is wearing your own SUCCESS

Throughout out our lives, each of us at various times have had our own struggles. In the midst of it all my sisters and I have been blessed by the presence and support of each other since our childhood – so it was a gorgeous and appropriate time in our lives to have this little “ritual”. The gift of the bracelet really anchored the process for each of us on that day. Since then, the number of times a day I end up looking at my wrist constantly reminds me of that intention and day by day I really do feel this persistent reminder on my wrist is working its magic! My sisters report the same.

Our intentions were quite simple no different from most people I would think… along the lines of – more inner peace and acceptance, a greater sense of purpose and place, a knowing that all is ok in the face of whatever may be happening in our lives at any given time, an ability to love and be loved, a greater sense of belief in oneself, an ability to be happy and to notice the many happy moments that can occur in any day. In wearing the bracelet it is a reminder to focus on that intention and in so doing it becomes a given as opposed to something that has to be worked on…..it is simple and it flows – it just is.

This product is beautifully designed. It is simple and discreet and does not intrude. It is easy to wear and feels gorgeous on the skin. It calls to be twiddled with! Its elegance is palpable. For something so simple and discreet it has been noticed and commented on by a number of people since I started wearing it. It also looks wonderful as part of a stacking system of bracelets and gives life to other pieces worn on the wrist alongside it. It is also very accessible to the general population as its price point is so keen.

Above all its message is powerful. With all that is now known about neuroscience and how our brains function and with the current knowledge of how much the power of intention influences the outcomes of our lives, this bracelet is unique and significant. It offers the wearer an opportunity to practice “positive psychology” and at the same time have something really cool on ones wrist! It ticks all the boxes and gives the wearer a sense of wellbeing.

The Success bracelet is a very compelling product and I believe that its presence and availability at this moment in time is very apt – it is something so unique and it will appeal to a very wide range of people – young and old and from all walks of life. It really is a “no brainer “….. everybody is looking for something – looking to better themselves –to be the best possible version of what they can be . This product is a gorgeous “tool“ that can be used to help one access those inner aspirations and intentions.

Go Melissa go!!! Wishing you every blessing and good wish with SUCCESS and thank you for having been inspired to create something so beautiful and supportive.
Love ….the other Melissaxx

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