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Sharing your ‘SUCCESS’

As so many of you have been kind enough to share your own personal stories of Success with me, I wanted to share some back. This very special blog post is dedicated to all of our fabulous wearers and fans who have so generously contributed their thoughts,feelings and personal definitions of Success. Thank you a thousand times for your time and inspiration, we are beyond grateful. Connecting with wearers of Success is what motivates us here at BYOS to reach for the stars daily. I sincerely hope that these touching testaments will give you the same uplifting gift. Be Bold, be Brave, and most importantly, be You.

“Girls just want to have fun or so it would be cast. Closer to current Irish culture, our girls want to be successful women. And the definition of that challenge is elusive, varied, and full of complications unique to each young woman. My daughters consciously want careers that lead to a business or independent professions. They eschew any idea of being a helpmate homebody to a husband – in his career. Warning: do not try to convince your daughter otherwise.
Indeed, if you take advice from a “stud grandfather”, engage with your daughter in her ambition. Enter into her hopes with fatherly support. Listen to her describe her odd potential future. Praise her efforts and acknowledge her courage to dream about her success. Find time to be alone with her. Admire her and just joyously be her dad. Let her confide with you and discover how you believe in her vision and trust that she has all it takes to make her own life happen. Surely, you want to express your enduring love for her, especially as she begins to move away from you.
Then, at some point that will speak its name, be prepared to give your daughter permission to be great – as she defines it; and seal that special moment forever in her heart with an amulet of your undying affection. Surprise her and capture that moment of your commitment to her dream.
I did that with my daughter Rachel at one of our private dinner meetings. I gave her a Success® Bracelet by Melissa Curry. I remember she cried when I told her she would be very successful, and she tells me she likes to wear it going to meetings on her left wrist.” -Jack Sullivan

“Melissa, you gave me the Success necklace the day we first met. I had just moved to Ireland and had no job, no plan, no man, no home, only my dreams I came floating into Dublin with. I believed in myself without anything tangible and you gave me that reminder by gifting me with the actual words embracing my neck, mind and heart. You gave me the reminder of why I came to Ireland to succeed within.”- Oona Buckley

“Dear Melissa,
Thanks so much for sending me your beautiful bracelet. I’m wearing it now and hoping it will help me be the most successful mother ever!!!
They are beautiful
All the best,
Holly” – Holly Branson

“The reason I ordered it is because prior to Christmas I had an accident and broke three bones in my arm which required surgery. The bracelet is for motivation to help me succeed in gaining as close to normal function again. When I saw your bracelet online it just meant so much to me and was so relevant. Thank you”- Emily Williams.

“Success is a very important thing and as a mother, sister and wife, sometimes we can loose sight of our own goals. I was gifted this little (Amulette/piece) whilst I was recovering from treatment of breast cancer. Surviving an illness like cancer can help you get great focus on things you want from life. I found that by wearing it, i allowed it to become a tool for focus on my own goals. My “Good health goal” meant it reminded me to eat healthy and exercise for me. My “build a business goal” meant it reminded me to stay focused on that. My “happy kids and husband goal” meant it reminded me to be kind and calm on that path. All the above is great but most of all , it helped me realise that someone special gave me encouragement to follow my own goals and that was priceless!” – Georgina Flood

“The success amulet is beautiful, I am wearing it as I write , it is a part of me now”- Lisa Jewl, Author.

“My Success bracelet has the delicacy of a golden thread and in the golden bar. The amulet reminds me that success is a journey. Success to me, means to be feminine and strong. The bracelet is often admired and both of my sons have presented one to their girlfriends on their respective graduations. It is for everywoman everywhere to be their own success.”- Journalist, Historian Deirdre Conroy

Please continue to share your personal Success stories and photos with us using the hashtag: #beyourownsuccess or #byos. Alternatively you can simply drop us in a little message on the website. Either way we would love to hear from you!

Thousands of women and girls are wearing and sharing success all over the world. What started as a whisper has organically grown into a worldly conversation. Let’s keep that conversation going!


Love always,

Melissa x

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