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Why We’re Voting YES

It’s a tricky one they say. Two opponents that have sliced the population into two conflicting corners. For me, it’s not tricky, it’s actually straight forward. Remove yourself from the streets where every street light is dressed in red or white. Remove yourself from what they say because that’s not the debate we’re having. We’re not having a debate about abortion, we’re having a debate about choice for women.

It’s hard to avoid the no posters and take into account what they state, until you educate yourself and realise that what they say are not just lies but a form of propaganda to impact our feelings and almost bully us into thinking that we are voting for murder! That’s what they read. But hold on a second, what about all those women who have to go through hell because they have NO choice? Isn’t that a form of torture? I won’t stoop to a level of making up severe statements in order to bully you into a decision I want you to make. I will though, defend women, as I am one, and encourage to stand together that we be trusted to make our own decisions to what we see fit.

Let’s get things straight, just because I’m voting yes doesn’t mean I’m for an abortion. But my views are personal and we are all entitled to an opinion. However, this does not mean that my opinion should be imposed on you because that’s how I feel about it. If you were to look a little deeper in the situation it’s actually a debate where there are those that think their opinion is absolutely correct and we should all live the way they live. When in fact, we are all different and we are all individual and we all deal with situations differently. Layering the same paint on every canvas doesn’t show much art and individuality of every human does it? I do agree that we should have a choice in the matter and as women we need to keep our dignity and every inch of strength that is within us to keep us confident and responsible, not let us crumble at the airport doors in England to be left feeling tainted and dirty.

I know what you’re thinking. “So you’re going to vote in favour of abortion even if you don’t agree with it?” Again, it goes back to this- why should my opinion be forced on someone else. We have to trust our women and support them in their decision. We differ as a YES community because we show compassion, we support one another and the root of our vote is because we care and trust them. Compassion and dignity is a fundamental value of BYOS, created and integrated in every collection within the BYOS brand. Over time I’ve worked here, I became apart of this brand and I’ve learned to see the world through the eyes of belief and compassion within. This is why we will be voting yes.

Let’s get back to abortions- because I need to elaborate on this matter to give another fact on the matter. The no posters say that 97% aborted in England are healthy babies, but they fail to think about the WOMAN involved in this situation. How was she feeling? I’m sure having an abortion is no walk in the park and a woman who has to go through the whole process (because obviously it’s not available to us here) is daunting and scarring, for life. The scariest thing of all is that they happen here, but with no support and a risk to their own life. We need to protect the women of our country to know that she is cared for in her thought-out, life-changing decision. We must not judge, because it is simply not our place to do so.

Founder of the Repeal movement, Anna Cosgrave told BYOS in a campaign video for #IAMMYSUCCESS that “kindness and empathy is often seen as a weakness when it is something we should merit”. As a YES community we show compassion for women through trusting them to make their own decision, to understand that the woman making this decision is not easy and that she needs support. We must give credit to ourselves for putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes and understanding their needs and empathising with them through this process.

On the 25th of May, BYOS staff will be voting YES for choice, YES because we empathise with women and we want to support one another.

Please leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

Together 4 YES

Ingrid X


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