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Keeping your Integrity as a Woman

Today’s topic of discussion is about characteristics of a woman. We simply don’t speak enough about the gender difference in a way that I’m about to. I’m not talking about the difference between men and women in a negative way, I’m not talking about gender inequality but I am. I’m talking about the GOOD gender difference and how we must use our traits as women to make the world a better place.

We already live in a man’s world. If we become as ruthless and hungry as they do, then what will the world come to? We need to fuel our strengths as women and use our traits that are often disregarded as anything more than ‘feelings’ to make changes in society, in our legal system and how we deal with issues. Enough about facts. Yes, we need them but on many occasions,  facts don’t resonate with human life. They don’t pull at the heartstrings of human beings because they are nothing more than known statements. A woman’s best trait is her ability to show emotion and compassion in a way that others can empathise and understand the world from a different point of view. Think about it- watch a movie and split the themes of that movie in fact vs emotion. Who wins? I watched a movie on the topic of debate. It was all about getting all the facts in less than 8 minutes, those who made the strongest argument won. Until a duo of two women came together and spoke slowly with only a few words, debating with human emotion, explaining issues such as how they can’t afford college education. How do you think that movie ended? The duo won of course!

Let’s go back to ‘we live in a man’s world’. I’m not a man-hater at all but I also never want to be like one. The characteristics of a male are about determination- of course that’s a great thing, until you disregard how you may be affecting people to get what you want to be at the top of course. It involves ‘politics’- it’s a money business world- power-fueled by rootlessness. We do have to hand it to them, they get the job done! But that’s not the way women are in their nature, and if we act in the same manner as a male does, the world will be based on facts and we’ll become a modern aged robot! A robot with no emotion, influenced by goal driven tactics with a disregard to human compassion.

This is why we’re talking about integrity as a woman. Our characteristics are made up of adjectives such as kindness, compassion, empathy, passion, loyalty, thoughtfulness. I’ll never forget what Ana Cosgrave, founder of the REPEAL movement, told BYOS: Kindness and empathy is often seen as a weakness, when in fact it’s something we should merit”. We SHOULD go about situations in a professional setting with emotion and compassion. We see the world for what it is- a bunch of humans hiding how they really feel to conform to societies idea of a ‘professional’ environment. Why do we keep denying ourselves of what we really are? Why don’t we embrace our values of sticking to our truths, doing things because we feel in our hearts is the right thing rather than how it may be socially unacceptable.

How will this change the world? It will make us HUMAN again. Women are loyal creatures by nature, we do what we feel right, and we stick to that decision. We honour our truths. If we apply this to our professional life, in our society, we will create a world with feeling.

Since working with Melissa I’ve learned more about women and the real world than I ever did in school. I’ve learned to write with passion on issues that actually really matter. I’ve learned that approaching the situation with an open heart is immensely scary but rewarding. I’ve also seen it when you get shut down because the corporate world just doesn’t understand this ‘human’ world. I’ve watched and learned from Melissa’s approach to business- with love and care. How it is the future and how we will succeed in this way. We need  more Melissa’s in the business world let me tell you!

This blogpost is written because it’s not spoke enough about. Yes, we want you to reach your goals and be successful. But do it with dignity and integrity- the right way. Keep your true values and drive them to make smart and thoughtful decisions for the greater good.

We are celebrating women’s ability to see the compassion in a situation, we are celebrating our strengths of loyalty, truthfulness and empathy. We CAN make a difference in a different approach to what is known.

We can do it together.

Ingrid X

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